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BDO HR & Payroll, HR and payroll service provider company, is pleased to announce vacancy for international agri-business operating company on the position of Field technician.

Location: Samegrelo-Zemo svaneti
Vacancy: Field technician
Duration: May to October
Working Hours: Full-time

Main Responsibilities:

** Set up and run the pest monitoring network system (lures traps placing and marking of the control points), following the instruction of the Agrigerogia experts. The monitoring activities may include check of BMBS on traps, host plants and hazelnut trees.
** Provide to farmers the correct information about timing of treatments, following the results of the monitoring network, following the instructions from the Agrigeorgia`s experts.
** Supervise the correct usage of the data collection forms for the treatments of the (the formats for the data collection, treatments diary will be elaborated by the Agrigeorgia experts)
** Control the implementation of the required H&S and PPE usage, for the activities related to treatments in the target area
** Performing, with the support of eventual involved partners, the estimation of the expected crop for the season for all the farmers involved in the program (June-July)
** On the base of the crop ripening indicating to famers the most suitable harvesting timing


** Professional with work experience in rural activities (at least 5-6 years)
** Familiarity with the hazelnuts value chain
** Good knowledge of the usage of pesticide for crop defense
** Basic usage of Excel
** Ability to work in a team and to manage the stress
** Availability to travel frequently within the Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti and to work also in weekends when necessary
** Driving license and car owning
** Working knowledge of English
** Italian and Russian are considered a plus

We Offer

** Competitive compensation;
** An exciting and challenging job in an international working environment.

Interested candidates should send the resume at: [email protected]. Please include " Field technician " in the subject line .

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